Smart Notifications

Intelligently route, manage, and track your app's notifications.

Latis makes your notification services work together. Automatically choose the best device, service, and time to engage your users.

One Dashboard. All Your Services.

Latis makes integration with your notification services as simple as flicking a switch.

Latis's Dashboard

The Right Place

Our device awareness knows which device to send your notifications to based on your user's activity and behaviour.

The Right Time

Not all notifications are equal. Our priority based sending allows us to notify your users when they are most likely to engage

The Right Way

Notifications come in many forms. Whether in-app, push, email, or SMS. We allow you to choose how different notifications are sent.

Smart SDKs Made For Developers

No more tightly integrated dependencies, writing notification routing logic and manually synchronising notification counts.

browser, iphone, android, mac, windows

Count Sync

The cross-platform syncing of notification counts in-app, on app badges, and in notification centres is tricky business.

Our SDK just takes care of it for you with zero code required.

In App

Receiving notifications directly inside your app requires UI components, handling logic, and an entire socket infrastructure.

It's your lucky day: we've gone ahead and taken care of it for you.

One Endpoint

We keep Latis simple: We only have one endpoint for sending messages.

The only one that makes sense.

POST /notifications

Make your apps smarter and your users happier

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